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About the Position
Position: 2753 - COVID-19 Community Responder > the need for response CONTINUES!
Organization: Volunteer MBC
Position Address: Region of Peel, Brampton, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Group, Newcomers
You are invited to complete a brief, focused QUESTIONNAIRE that will assist Volunteer MBC in identifying your SKILLS and EXPERIENCE (and how these may relate to the immediate needs of the COVID-19 emergency). PLEASE click the yellow box 'Apply Now! (above/below) to gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO the QUESTIONNAIRE, and follow the steps to complete and submit it. Clicking the yellow box will ALSO confirm your intention to be a 'COVID-19 Community Responder'. (Because Volunteer MBC will communicate principally by email, please include in your daily routine a check of your 'Junk'/'Spam' folders in your email). All responses are held in strict confidence. Thank you!

Community needs continue to evolve rapidly, but our community service organizations have expressed an urgent wish to fill the following specific roles:

> Telephone 'check in', with reassurance (and concern for, and enquiry about, health and personal safety)
> Pickup/Delivery of vital medications for seniors and others who cannot leave their residences
> Pickup/Delivery of groceries and meals for those who cannot travel or otherwise provide for themselves
> 'Social media' messaging* to keep communities and neighbourhoods 'connected' (incl. volunteers) and PROPERLY, ADEQUATELY INFORMED
> Information Technology/Systems volunteers, assisting community service organizations to adapt to a 'virtual' office environment and the public to use 'virtual', online resources
> 'Virtual' office administration for a community service organization
> Project management volunteer to develop, support, and deliver COVID-19 plans
> Community 'block' (neighbourhood) connector

* available to secondary school students 16+

[ Monitor this 'posting', please. Content will change, as additional specific needs/roles are added. IF you see a 'need' (role) in your community that should be met, CONTACT US!]

Volunteer MBC clients with 'personal profiles' are strongly urged to click the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) WITHOUT DELAY to add your name as a volunteer who desires to help NOW, plus access the QUESTIONNAIRE! WE are YOUR ACCESS POINT to connect you to organizations within your community! If you do not have a volunteer 'profile', please create one through our website.

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact upon the volunteer sector in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon. Residents are compelled to engage in PHYSICAL 'social distancing', with essential services the rare exception. Volunteers must rethink by what means they can contribute to the needs of the vulnerable in our communities: seniors, youth, and others who are particularly affected by isolation brought on by COVID-19.

Volunteer MBC, your volunteer centre in Peel region, has readily taken up the challenge, as we continue to facilitate identification of critical concerns and protocols for dealing effectively with 'social distancing' and all that entails. We are resolved that Peel volunteers answer the call to be engaged and respond by helping residents cope with and overcome this crisis.

The 'COVID-19 Community Responder' role essentially is a gateway for providing assistance in specific, direct ways, focused on those among our fellow residents who are vulnerable and particularly affected. YOU can REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE by joining in to help your local community overcome COVID-19!

There truly is no greater contribution that you can make than to assist others when the world that you live in is in crisis, particularly when needs are URGENT, even life saving.

Position Qualifications
FIRST, please apply to receive the QUESTIONNAIRE, then complete and submit it (see 'Description', above)
SECOND, there are age restrictions (Range: 18 to 50), in accord with public health ('social media' roles and roles that are 'virtual' (online/telephone) are EXCEPTED)
THIRD, please consider (common sense) requirements for the identified roles:
- Telephone communications = solid English (fluency in other languages MOST WELCOME)
- Pickup/Delivery = Reliable transportation (preferably a driver's licence) and physical ability to carry meals, groceries, etc.
- Comfortable in navigating 'social media', ready to spread reliable, helpful information, etc. to your local community
- Savvy about 'virtual' online connectivity on current, commonly used platforms, plus ready to support organizations, helping them get into 'the conversation' by helping them adapt to a 'virtual' office environment

Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Special Event
Start Date:2020-04-03
VARIABLE: Schedules will be defined by the specific 'roles' and tasks. Volunteers may expect to be asked to be FLEXIBLE.

Volunteers will be directed to various community service organizations, who will provide TRAINING and ONGOING SUPPORT that relates to the tasks that you will engage in.

Area(s) of Interest: Crisis, Distress & Emergency Response, Seasonal/Special Event, Information Technology, Counselling & Mental Health, Event Planning, Social Media, Healthcare, Life Skills & Accessibility, Research/Evaluation, Senior Support, Transportation, Multilingual, Newcomer Support
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