To connect the community.


To improve lives through volunteerism.


We fuel purposeful connections between people to respond to the most pressing social issues.

What we do

Referral Service

We facilitate volunteer involvement by…

  • connecting people to the causes that need them
  • improving volunteer recruitment and engagement

Learning Centre

We strengthen organizational effectiveness by…

  • providing training to volunteers, board members, and not-for-profit staff
  • bringing organizations together to share resources and collaborate

Community Engagement

We bring people together to make a difference by…

  • raising awareness about the not-for-profit sector and community needs and assets
  • removing barriers to volunteerism for underserved populations

Recognition Platform

We celebrate the power of volunteerism by…

  • recognizing outstanding contributions to thank volunteers and inspire others
  • sharing about experiences of volunteers and how volunteerism improves our lives

Why We Exist

Imagine a world without volunteers; one where local
not-for-profit organizations could not function;
where the most vulnerable would be the most adversely affected. We would lack purpose and connection.
We would be fragments instead of a community.

Therefore, we exist to nurture hearts that feel. To train ourselves to carry heavier burdens and lift them off the shoulders of others. To instill gratitude and humility. To join hands in support, service, and solidarity.

We exist for all of us, past, present, and future.
We are Volunteer MBC. We care.