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BlueForce Living (Adopt a Grandparent Program )          
Blueforce Living was created with one goal: to reimagine and revolutionize the way that homecare related home support services are provided in Canada. How do we do that? Intensive Personal Support Worker Screening and Oversight -Client-friendly Scheduling -Superior Customer Service -Goal-oriented Care -The Most Extensive Service Network in the Industry Blueforce Living is built upon a basic foundation for simplifying home services and improving the quality of life for our valued clients. We believe that the word care should imply certain obligations: scheduling to suit our clients instead of ourselves, the best personal assistants in the industry, and a wide variety of services to address every need. Utilizing our proven metrics for placing and retaining the best workers Canada has to offer, we provide a superior level of service gained through the most comprehensive screening process in the industry. Combined with our advanced logistics methodologies, we can simplify the daily process for our caregivers and allow them to focus on care´┐Ż the foundation of our service. Blueforce has been working with Canadian employees for over three years, and our founders have been in the worker retention industry for over a decade. Identifying a dramatic need for support personnel across the country, they launched Blueforce Living to address that need and translate their industry knowledge in finding and retaining the best workers this country has to offer into a personal support agency dedicated to providing the best caregivers in the industry. If you or a loved one is in need of a helping hand, Blueforce Living has the solution. Our motto is simple: Let us do that. From housekeeping to bathing to groceries, our personal assistants are just a phone call away. Mission Statement To provide trustworthy and compassionate employees to make breakthroughs in the way individuals receive private in-home services and to realize immediate and lasting change in their lives. Dave

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