Volunteer Recognition Awards Program: Leader in Volunteer Engagement Award

Volunteer MBC's The V-Oscars - Volunteer Recognition Awards Gala

The Leader in Volunteer Engagement Award is open to individuals who are responsible for managing and supporting volunteers within their organization. This award is given to an individual in this capacity (volunteer manager or co-ordinator) who demonstrates excellence and innovation in the leadership of volunteers. Individuals eligible for this award must be a current employee of an organization which is an 'active' member of Volunteer MBC (agency or sector member only). The inaugural presentation of this award took place at Volunteer MBC's 2012 Annual General Meeting and 2nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards Event held in April 2012.

Eligibility criteria:

This award is in recognition of an individual who:

  • Can provide examples of how they have developed and supported relevant volunteer opportunities that directly reflect and impact the mission of their organization;
  • Can demonstrate working with staff to recruit skilled volunteers throughout the organization;
  • Demonstrates how they acknowledge the importance and vital role that volunteers have within their organization;
  • Is able to illustrate, in detail, how they work to support, develop and strengthen volunteerism throughout their organization;
  • Can present the effectiveness or success of their efforts in engaging volunteers;
  • Is able to illustrate the impact of this involvement in the community (i.e. letters from volunteers, clients or staff, or relevant articles in newspapers, etc.);
  • Is a current employee of an 'active' member of Volunteer MBC (Agency, Sector or Associate member).