Volunteer Recognition Awards Program: Newcomer Gem Volunteer Award

Volunteer MBC's The V-Oscars - Volunteer Recognition Awards Gala

Newcomers account for close to half of the Region of Peel's population, so this award is open to individuals who have lived in the community for less than 3 years, and who have realized the many benefits of volunteering. The Newcomer Gem Volunteer Award recognizes newcomer volunteers. The inaugural presentation of this award took place at Volunteer MBC's 2012 Annual General Meeting and 2nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards Event held in April 2012.

Eligibility criteria:

This award is in recognition of an individual who:

  • Has recently moved to Canada (the Region of Peel), less than 3 years ago, and currently resides in either Mississauga, Brampton or Caledon;
  • Has demonstrated how they have provided an admirable contribution to their new community as a volunteer;
  • Has shown an exemplary commitment to share their expertise, skill set and knowledge as a volunteer;
  • Devotes an abundance of their time and resources, and is passionate about helping others;
  • Promotes volunteerism and sets a positive example for how newcomers to Canada can use their volunteering contributions to help define the path for a new life in the community.