Volunteer Recognition Awards Program: Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award

Volunteer MBC's The V-Oscars - Volunteer Recognition Awards Gala

The Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award was created in 2009 to honour the lifetime voluntary contributions of an individual, with Anne Walton being the first recipient. The inaugural presentation of this award took place at Volunteer MBC's 2012 Annual General Meeting and 2nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards Event held in April 2012.

Eligibility criteria:

This award is in recognition of an individual who:

  • Has demonstrated an exemplary long-term commitment to the voluntary sector through sharing their expertise, skill set and knowledge;
  • Currently resides in the Region of Peel (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon) or has previously resided during the past year;
  • Has volunteered for more than 25 years to either one community service organization, or a number of community service organizations on a long-term basis;
  • Is a true role model for other volunteers in his/her organization or in the community;
  • Devotes an abundance of their time and resources, and is passionate about helping others;
  • Sets the example for how just one individual can make such an enormous impact in their community by helping others so unselfishly.