On-line Volunteer Referral System - Member-only Log-in

For members of Volunteer MBC, the process to post your volunteer roles is quite simple as our On-line Volunteer Referral System (OVRS) uses a field-based layout in order to capture all of the details of the role that you have available.

To post a volunteer role, you will require a user log-in and password to access our system. If you do not have a user log-in or password please CONTACT US.

Click on the "Recruit" button appearing above.


Next steps:

Enter as much detail as you can about the role into the fields that are shown (HELPFUL TIP: first create your role description in Microsoft Word and then simply copy-and-paste the information into the appropriate fields). 

The more fields you complete will increase the opportunity of your posting being listed in the search results by a prospective volunteer. 

Note that your posting will placed in queue for review *prior* to posting live. If we have any questions or require further clarification from you, we’ll either email you or call you in person to discuss further. Please allow a *minimum of 2 business days* for our review and approval.

Once your posting is live, a volunteer can then submit a referral to your opportunity. This is done through email and is sent to the main contact that you have provided in your posting. Note that you need to set-up a notification in the system in order to have the referrals sent to you by email. A copy of all referrals will remaind available on-line in your organization's user account.


For more information or if you have any questions regarding posting a role in our On-line Volunteer Referral System, please CONTACT US.