Employee Volunteering


At Volunteer MBC, our Employee Volunteer Program links your employees to volunteer opportunities in the community, with your encouragement and support. We thank you for supporting your employees’ personal and professional growth, while they strengthen their community engagement.

There are various options of how we can help provide your employees with a positive volunteer experience as listed below.

Self-Directed: (Free of Charge)

  • We provide you with a link to our On-line Volunteer Referral System (OVRS). You review volunteer opportunities, select the community service organization member that aligns with your goals and contact them directly to set up your Employee Volunteer Program.

Search-Assisted: ($100 Administration Fees)

  • With our assistance, we will review and recommend up to three volunteer opportunities. Once accepted, we will facilitate an introductory meeting between you and our community service organization member.           

Setting up an employer supported volunteer program can be a lot of work. But don’t worry…Volunteer MBC is here to help you!

For more information on Volunteer MBC’s Employee Volunteer Program and to find out how you can support your employee’s growth through “Community Strong Roots”, CLICK HERE to download our brochure.

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