Canada 150 Celebrations


 Volunteering: A Traditional Canadian Value

by Janet Lautenschlager

Click here* to read this interesting resource about 'volunteering' and 'volunteersim' in Canada.







Give back at least 150 hours to support the essential services in your community. Visit our database and choose a volunteer position from a range of opportunities to suit your skill sets and interests. 

Apply by clicking the "Apply Now!" button. 

If you do not have a profile yet, click here to create one.

In your profile, indicate that the 'Primary Ojective of Volunteering' is "Canada 150 Celebratory Activity."

Make your Time Count!

Commencing from your volunteer contributions since January 1, 2017, once you have concluded each volunteer role, or by midnight November 3, 2017, report your volunteer hours by clicking on the "Report" button or directly filling out the form below.

Reporting is now Closed!

Also, see the "Share Your Pledge" column.

Post a Role

A new 'Area of Interest' termed "Canada 150 Celebrations" is now added to the list.

Until November 2017, index your volunteer positions with this 'Area of Interest' if you would like them to be automatically picked up by the "Volunteer" button on this page.

Benefit from our marketing campaign that is focused towards the celebration. This is an excellent opportunity to give exposure to your current volunteer postings or your events that are specific to the celebration.

If you are a not-for-profit organization providing programs and services to residents in the Peel region and not yet a member of Volunteer MBC, click here to learn more about our Volunteer Referral Service and many other member benefits.

Also, see the "Share Your Pledge" column.

Pledge 150 Hours

Inspire the rest of Peel to volunteer.

Whether you are a resident in Peel or a community service organization, take a photo and share it with us through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Here's what you do:

Peel Residents: Take a #HELPIE (selfie of you helping) with a note pledging your #Peel150 and mention @VolunteerMBC.

Community Organizations: Take a spontenuous photo with your team at work and hold up a note mentioning how your organization is celebrating Canada 150. 

Volunteer MBC will share the good work you do in the community through our social media. Make sure to include the hash tag given below. 




* Lautenschlager, J. (1992). Volunteering a traditional Canadian value. Ottawa, ON: Voluntary Action Directorate, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from